A portfolio containing a sample of Web, application, and scripting projects that I have produced.

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Main Projects
Citation Wizard 12.7.17 Online utility for the generation of citations and bibliographies (or works cited pages) according to current MLA standards.

[PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Flash]
Citation Wizard
Citation Wizard LE 1.5.3 Windows application for the generation of citations and bibliographies (or works cited pages) according to current MLA standards. Also supports the MLA Style Manual second edition.

Citation Wizard LE
Recordbase 2.0.3 Windows application designed to interface with a MySQL database to maintain information about a user's vinyl record collection.

[C#, XML, MySQL]
Recordbase ASP.NET Edition 1.0.1 ASP.NET application designed to interface with a SQL Server database to maintain information about a user's vinyl record collection.

Recordbase ASP.NET Edition
Rochester Churches 11.8.17 An online encyclopedia cataloging all of the Catholic houses of worship, past and present, located within the geographic boundaries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester.

[PHP, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript]
Rochester Churches
Business Web Sites and Utilities
Company Web Site
--- Online presence for a local tanning salon and spa. Never went live, but demonstrates a modern business-style design.

[PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery]
Tanning Oasis
Company Web Site --- Online presence for a local frozen yogurt cafe.

[PHP, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript]
SoHo Yogurt cafe
Company Web Site

(mobile site)
--- Online presence for a local printing and binding company. Auto-detects mobile device and displays a mobile friendly design.

[PHP, HTML, JavaScript]
Sarkis Printing
Courier Batch Downloader 1.0.6 Download an entire year of digitized newspapers from the online archives of the Catholic Courier with one simple click. Supports all available publication years from 1889-2004.

Courier Batch Downloader
Label Generator 1.4.1 Produces an .RTF document containing a 5X20 (per page) sequence of numbers for printing labels. User specifies start number and total number of labels needed.

[Visual Basic]
Label Generator
Some Undergraduate Projects and Coursework

[Source code]
[Sample input]
-- Raytracing program that produces three-dimensional spheres from coordinates contained in an input file. Features phong shading, shadows, translucency, and first order reflections.

To run from class files: java graphix3d

Recordbase - 10g

Forms recompiled for 11g
1.0.1 Legacy Recordbase application, constructed using Oracle 10g Forms and Reports builders. Since connection information was coded directly into the application, several modifications would be necessary to run this application on another client and with a different database setup. Please use the revised Windows edition if you're interested in Recordbase.

Zip file contains source code, SQL scripts used with project, and documentation.

[Oracle SQL*Plus, PL/SQL]
Legacy Recordbase
UNIX scripting final

-- Various scripts written for the UNIX scripting final exam. Features menu-driven utility called "Windows Vista for UNIX" (menus , compmenu, displaymenu, filemenu, sysmenu, timedate), extended functionality for cat (out), file extension modifier (ext_change), and phone book (phone).

Run the menu-driven utility from menus.

[Bash and C shell scripts]
Vista for UNIX
Gerry shell

-- A UNIX shell written in C for a systems programming course. Includes features such as: history, pipes, redirection, directory changes, and execution of child processes. Extension of "smallsh."

Gerry Shell
Lecture material:
[C++ OOP]
[Python OOP]

[C++ linked list quiz]
-- Source code and presentation material from two supervised lectures. The first relates to Object Oriented Programming in C++, with a quiz based on the previous lecture (topic: linked lists). The second lesson is on OOP using Python.

[C++, Python]
PPT Slide

All C# and VB programs written for the .NET Framework.

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